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Get Ready To Vote In 2024

Ready to Vote

Your vote is your power. It affects the quality of your schools, your roads and bridges, and your air and water. Your family’s and community’s well being is tied to your vote. Thanks to legislation passed and signed into law by Democrats, voting is easier than ever. You can vote before Election Day, either in person or by mail. You can drop off your completed ballot in a secure drop box right up until polls close on Election Day. And of course, you can still vote in person at your polling place on Election Day. 

You can check your voting record and update your registration online. More information is available on the Virginia Department of Elections website on Casting a Ballot.


For comprehensive information about Virginia voter registration procedures and deadlines, visit this page on the Virginia Department of Elections website. Although Virginia adopted Same Day Voter Registration in 2022, we recommend that you be prepared and register early so that nothing prevents you from voting.

The regular deadlines to register to vote in the 2024 elections are as follows:

  • General Elections are 22 days before election

  • Primary Elections are 22 days before election

  • Special Elections are 14 days before election

  • Special Elections (called by the Governor) are 7 days before election








Need assistance or have questions about voting in Warren County?

Contact the Voter Registrar's Office

Warren County Voter Register's Office

465 W. 15th Street, Suite 800

Front Royal VA 22630

Phone: 540-635-4327

Learn about Restoration of Rights in Virginia

Democratic governor Ralph Northam's administration restored voting rights to thousands of Virginians who have paid their debt to society.

Find out if you're eligible.

6th Congressional District Candiate, Ken Mitchell

“If we don’t get back to pragmatic problem solving, mutual respect, and putting country before party, our democracy will not survive. We can do better.”

-Ken Mitchell

Check him out at:


Call the Virginia Voter Hotline at (844) 482-8683 

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