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Club 100

My fellow Democrats,

We face a momentous year.
Year after year we hear that the upcoming election is the most important ever. I can’t think of a time when this was more true and more consequential. Progress made over
the last century is being eroded and accountability is scarce. We must prevent this
takeover by supporting the foresight and humanity demonstrated by Democratic Party
policies. I am reminded of the Native American credo of planning seven generations
into the future to enable better lives for those who follow us.
The best way to preserve our vision is to support those who will work to create a
better life for all Americans. We can help in reaffirming a Democratic president and
Senator and in placing in Congress a Democrat to represent Virginia’s Sixth District
You can do your part by participating in fundraising here in the Warren County Democratic Committee by contributing to the Club of 100. Contributors are invited to a
celebration of our communal purpose to be held in June 2024.
I hope we can count on your support to ensure Democratic voices are heard. You can
contribute by sending your donation of $100 to

WCDC, P.O Box 615, Front Royal VA, 22630.

If more convenient, you may contribute via our secure ActBlue account below. 
If you are able, you can sponsor someone who is unable to participate by donating in
their name for a membership for $30 or a Club of 100 contribution for $100.
At risk this year is the very future of democracy. Addressing Congress about our
experiment in democratic self-government, Lincoln said, “We shall nobly save, or
meanly lose, the last best hope of earth.” Our efforts can preserve that ‘last best hope’.

Steve Foreman
WCDC, Treasurer

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