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Liberal Voices

In this day and age, many people are getting their news from social media. Sometimes this is a wonderful tool to see stories otherwise not mentioned in the news. However, there are copious amounts of misinformation and flat out lies as well. Here’s a list of some accounts to follow that we have found to give accurate and researched information with sources.

Politics Girl

"I’m just a girl, standing in front of a country, asking it to be better."


Vitus "V" Spehar is an accomplished TikToker, political advocate and general good friend.


"Keeping YOU informed about politics is what I know best. Stay informed and VOTE!"

The News Girl

TV Journalist for 20 years  Co-Founder @beondtv  News Roundup email


Proud politics nerd, former WH & State spox, host of Inside with Jen Psaki

Mr. Global

Globally Recognized Oil and Gas Expert/Oil and Gas VP Social Media Educator

I Drank Politics
Brian Tyler Cohen

Politics. 1.5 billion views on YouTube. MSNBC contributor. Host of “No Lie” pod.

Biden-Harris HQ

Grows the economy.

Pod Save America

Pod Save America is a no-bullshit conversation about politics.

The Smartass Staffer
Media Matters

Media Matters for America is the nation's premier progressive media watchdog. 

Rachel Maddow

Disclaimer: I use Parodies & Satire for political Response

Rep Maxwell Frost
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